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Meet Lester Vanhill

Lester has been hunting this area his whole life, right from the time he could walk and hide in a snow covered barley swath with his yellow lab dog while his Dad & Uncles hunted late season mallards.

He made his living as an Alberta diamond, uranium and oil geologist (Sandswamp Exploration Ltd.) but a few years ago he retired to follow his two main outdoor passions in life, cattle farming and goose outfitting.  The outfitting business started simply to cater to the growing demands from oil company friends but has expanded with hunter returning with friends and relatives.

Alberta Goose Outfitters limits its yearly client base to under 25 hunters per year to maintain the high quality of service we wish to consistently provide and is treated more as a private hunting club where clients become friends rather than as just a pay to shoot type of operation.  It is just not a hunt we provide, but a memory of a lifetime.

Many of our clients return in the later season to hunt deer, bears & wolves or just to spend a few cold winter days on the trapline but in September & October we live, breath & dream of only waterfowl hunting.  The number of Canada Geese have grown overwhelmingly every year for the last two decades to the point of an 8 goose daily bag limit (24 goose possession limit).  The geese numbers are so high now that most local grain farmers have acquired a hatred for the “feathered crop destroyers” and love inviting the local waterfowl outfitter (& his expensive insurance) to hunt their lands.  Hunting where we live and on land owned by friends has advantages that can’t be calculated.  If you love an outdoor hunting adventure then this is the outfitter you are looking for!

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