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The True Canadian Hunting Experience

Located in the wildlife rich province of Alberta, Alberta Goose outfitters aims to satisfy every hunters desire for that hunt of a life time. Imagine early mornings with 1000’s of ducks & geese in the skies around you. With hunts all set up by an expert hunter / outfitter with knowledge of the area that only comes from the experiences of living and being raised there. Hunts tend to be in harvested farm fields over a mixture of both goose & duck decoys in the spread, with either laydown, A-frame or willow hoop blinds for cover. Most hunts provide great opportunity to limit out on both ducks (typically Mallards & Teal)(8 ducks/day) & dark geese (Big Canadas, small lesser Canadas, white fronted geese), (8 dark geese/day) with possibilities at hammering some of the the spooky snow geese (50/day) as a possible bonus species. These field hunts can provide a great training ground for young retrievers learning their craft, so your dogs are always welcome. If requested, water hunts can be arranged for evening duck hunts from boat blinds over a floating decoy spread.

At Alberta Goose Outfitters we are so passionate about our waterfowl hunting that we start planning for our fall hunts in the spring by helping many local farming with their pea fields knowing that geese become so addicted to the wasted peas left after harvest that they can’t resist them even if they know they are being hunted”. Having a great working relationship with local farmers that control over 25,000 acres of prime private land hunting fields has its advantages.

We hunt north of Edmonton, Alberta in the first farm field areas of the Central Alberta Flyway, so our waterfowl have seen very little to no hunting pressure by the time they get to us. It is very common to experience a 3 day hunt & never hear a shotgun shot from any other competing hunters outside of our hunting group. Alberta strictly regulates & limits the number of outfitters that can operate in each Wildlife Management Unit, therefore it is easy to not have to compete with other hunters or outfitter for birds or hunting fields.

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